Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Well, my de-stashing resolution has been shot to heck. I just ordered three skeins each of two colorways in ArtYarns "handpaint stripes" yarn, which is new for Spring 2006! This yarn is too cool--their usual worsted-weight merino, but it knits up in stripes of a solid color, and of a handpainted melange. It is just tooooooo beautiful; do go have a gander:

Isn't it just luscious? And it is the right weight to knit proper clapotis... which I shall definitely do with at least one of the two. Phew. I can finally unravel the start I made with Koigu (all wrong--allllllll wrong) and do something proper with *that* yarn. I am so happy. I could pop.

I am also going batty about the pile of little handpainted baby sweaters at Two'>">Two Pointy Sticks. That's what got me looking at ArtYarns. I am nuts to knit baby sweaters; but for a June baby? And unwashable wool on a baby in general? Eeennhhh... well maybe not. Poop. I could knit such a pile of sweaters just as an artistic object. How about that?

I am almost finished with the knitting on Lara, t'ol' trooper t'ol' doll. Just a cuff to finish. Then I get to SEAM. Aaiiiiiiiieee!!!

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