Monday, January 16, 2006

Life is very good today. It is so warm that I have windows open! Fresh air! Aaahhhh!

This morning at the grocery, I finally gave in to my age-old urge to buy lots of the pickled/marinated/brined vegetables in bottles, and brought home artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, kalamata olive tapenade, and pesto--and also roasted turkey breast and fontina cheese, and Greek pita. With these ingredients I plan to make a neverending variety of paninis. I have tried already, and the experiment is good. Tasty and easy and surprisingly filling. When my mother and my aunt and I were in Venice, we found a little bakery where I insisted on buying some panforte, then we grabbed paninis and lemon soda at a little kiosk close to our hotel, and we took it all the deliciously air-conditioned hotel room. It was just wonderful, and I've always wanted to try making panforte since then... and find a place to buy Italian lemon soda (honestly, I'm sure I haven't found them because I don't really look)... and figure out how to make similarly good paninis. I did try a couple of recherche experiments, by filling the bread with a mixture of cubed fontina, chopped olives, and roasted garlic. It was not right at all. But this--just taking the straightforward approach and mixing and matching--has so far proved extremely satisfactory. I toast the panini in my big skillet, with my small skillet sitting on top to provide the weight. I do not need a fancy panini press.

And, the really good part of today: it is a national holiday, right? There is no mail delivery, right? Ahhhh, but for private carriers. The squirrels actually alerted me to the package. I sat down at my desk here, in my work room, which is at the front of the house, and there was a big commotion outside. I stood up to try to see exactly what kind of animals were making those startling sounds, and when I turned my head to look towards my front porch, voila! Two big fluffy squirrel tails attached to two cheeky squirrels who were actually sniffing at *my* package.
Inside is the ArtYarns Handpaint Stripes and, oh! How happy it has made me!

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The red colorway is just the most gorgeous yarn I have ever seen in my life. Really. The color is deep and rich and glowing and sexy and the yarn is *so* soft. I have not ever seen Axelle's handpainted cashmere in real life, but this yarn--*this* yarn is a 10 out of 10 in my book, I cannot imagine better, I no longer need Axelle. It is soft and lustrous and dyed very richly. Oh, bliss. I threw a scarf around my neck and ran outside, to go to my LYS to buy some really *nice* size 8 needles and cast on for my clapotis. Then I remembered that the LYS (perennially unhelpful) is closed on Mondays. I swore and went back inside to write this entry.

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Suse said...

Those sock yarns look gorgeous. I'm thinking I might tackle a sock (or two, I suppose it will have to be) this year. Must research yarns!

PS. Thanks for visiting my blog.