Monday, January 23, 2006

The clapotis marches on. I am halfway through the second skein. Surely--surely the blogosphere already has its fill of clapotis-in-progress pictures, but I am adding mine to the batch anyway:

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I omitted one repeat of increase rows, for fear of running out of yarn. It looks like I am going to end up with a plenty long shawl, though. So, yay. The Artyarns Handpaint Stripes is beautiful, but knitting with it a little has taught me some things about it. Mostly, it is incredibly tightly spun, so knitting with it is kind of like knitting with twine, and the resulting fabric is knobbly and not smooth. The yarn itself is quite buttery, it just doesn't mesh into a luscious smooth surface the way other merino yarns I've knit with do. This yarn is a great choice for clapotis, but I am not sure I would want, for instance, a sweater made out of it.

In other news, the clapotis is too big to take places, so I let myself start a sock. Yay. It will be the Embossed Leaves socks from the most recent IK, but stubbornly done *my* way, toe-up, with Turkish cast-on and short row heels. By the way... there is something you should know about JaWoll...

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The skeins all have buns in the oven. Spools, actually. Of matching reinforcement yarn. I had heard this rumor somewhere, so when I couldn't pull the end out of the center, I had to go excavating to extract it. I was *so* glad my office door was closed--I feel so obscene when I do things like that.


Melissa said...

The project looks beautiful. The hidden spool thing is kinda neat!!

yarnahoy said...

beautiful clapotis!