Saturday, January 21, 2006

After being crazy about pink and green and brown all Summer/Fall and into the Winter, I am now going crazy over robins-egg-blue and brown. Isn't it sooo pretty? Isn't it sooo fresh? I am wearing such a blue tshirt under such a brown lace and cables sweater, today. I even took a picture of myself but... alas... no amount of editing could get rid of the saddlebags, so it was sent to the recycle bin. I have, however, ordered yarn to match my new obsession: three skeins of Speed Demon Sock Yarn from Sweet Georgia Yarns in the colorway "River," which I have seen knit up on her blog and on others and it's just toooo fabulous. So there.

I am one skein into my poor clapotis, have dropped three lines of stitches, and need to wind the next hank to continue. Somehow, I cannot get myself into a winding state of mind. Instead of winding, I took myself out for a little shopping trip and bought the glass beads to go on the hat pattern that Grumperina is promising to release soon. Go look at the one she knit. Isn't it great? Love it. Almost makes me want to get rid of my own ever-present bun, so that I could wear hats.

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