Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Went nuts and ordered an awful lot of yarn, last night. For the two sweaters I described--Cashsoft DK in "Savannah" for a plain raglan (or perhaps cardigan?) tipped in Cashcotton DK "Pool"; also, and here is what really makes me squirm in delight, Felted Tweed in "Treacle," that wonderful dark purply brown, and three colors of Yorkshire Tweed DK to do a little fairisle border--mint green, turquoise, and cream, as promised. I also have a supply of Cashsoft in pale blue to knit "Empire" from Rowan Classic #1, otherwise known as "The Menorah Sweater." I think I will knit it without beads... and I think I will knit it soon. I am all about brown beige and blue right now. I'm even considering navy, which is very fickle of me. Bad Kat. There, I've been punished. Anyway, I'm so excited, I had trouble falling asleep last night.

And here, boys and girls, is a moral for you (since this blog contains so few, I know you will listen up): when I checked my email today, the big and reliable company that I ordered most of this yarn from (Jimmy Bean's Wool) had emailed me to say that neither yarn was in stock, so shipping would be delayed two weeks.

You know that I pretty frequently attempt to do business with a small company, and get angry when they can't fill my order and get it in the mail in a timely fashion--or worse, when they've let me "purchase" something that they don't have. I went with JimmyBeans, one of my favorite yarn websites, because they're so big that such things happen rarely. But, this goes to show that they do still happen. Yarn is apparently a precious commodity, judging by its scarcity and price. 50g of wool yarn costs several times more than 50g of wool, you know--even with machines to spin and dye it. So I am sitting on a bunch of yarn orders, I guess. Not only all that, but five skeins of Soft Lux in "Pearl" from a small company with a pretty website and great selection, but merely mediocre service, The Knitting Garden. I made an order with them last summer and first one color had been discontinued and was unavailable, then its (first) replacement got "lost" in the post. Now Soft Lux is waiting in the wings. I'll keep you updated on the drama.

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Melissa said...

I ordered some yarn recently and have been waiting like a kid at Christmas for it to come and it still isn't here. Three orders....no yarn. That sucks