Sunday, February 26, 2006

I finished the first Soda Shoppe Sock (my name for the pink-white-brown yarn) with a picot edging, which flares outwards... how does one prevent hemmed edges from flaring outwards? I don't understand. Elizabeth Zimmerman says to decrease 20% of the stitches, which is well and good, except that knitbloggers all over the internet are producing nonflaring picots with nary a word of changing the stitch count from outside to inside. I am left with the conclusion that it is something wrong with me.

I bought "Special Knits for Little Cherubs," which I have wanted ever since Alison of The Blue Blog knit the little denim jumper last summer. It was 30% off. It is just wonderful. The patterns are simple and really retro, as in lots of gray and oatmeal grounds, with sometimes small touches of colored patterns and always full fashioning, 1x1 ribbing, and button bands reinforced by ribbon. I absolutely love it, and am pretty sure that I will soon find myself knitting childrens' sweaters for no recipient in particular.

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Melissa said...

Hi!! Could you please tell me where you got that awesome pink/brown sock yarn? I must, must, must have some!! It is adorable!