Friday, February 03, 2006

Triplets! (I can't possibly have three)

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The yarn from SweetGeorgia arrived today, and it is wonderful. I have been holding it in my lap and cuddling it. It is soft and very nearly DK weight, if not actually--it certainly seems more substantial than some yarns that bill themselves as DK. It is three skeins of Speed Demon Sock Yarn in colorway "River." I know, from other blogs, that it will knit up even more lovely that it is in the skein, so I am very excited. However, the Knitting Olympics are coming up and I have another project to do for that... so... alas. Good things are worth waiting for.

I am turning the heel of the first Embossed Leaves sock. Two things about this pattern: one, the lace chart is much more mathematically pleasing than most lace charts. I really enjoy feeling that I know how things are going to work, just by looking at the digram. The second thing is: the pattern is actually far more lovely than the diagram would suggest, even lovelier than photographs suggest. You have to knit it yourself and put it on your own feet to understand. Just trust me.

Also today arrived a little pink volume of Madame Dariaux and the first and second Books of Modern Lace Knitting by Marianne Kinzel, bought on the advice of another knitblogger. It was good advice. Up to this point, the Frost Flowers and Leaves shawl from A Gathering of Lace was really the only largish lacy project I could imagine myself spending time on. These books have lots of breathtaking patterns, though, that make my fingers itch. I'm especially fond of the Thistle cloth.

One last item: just emailed me to say that Trekking XXL 126 (the pink and brown sock yarn. The neapolitan sock yarn.) I ordered is no longer available, and the other color is still on backorder. I am not going to do business with them again. That pink/brown color was at my LYS ten days ago--can I hope that, tomorrow morning, it will still be there? Grrrr, how maddening.


Felicia from sweetgeorgia said...

Kat!!! I love that photo of you and the triplets! Adorable -- you made me smile!

Julie said...

I love that color "river" sock yarn... it is gorgeous! Congrats on your purchase!