Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Image hosting by Photobucket The first Embossed Leaves sock is progressing well, in spite of having to tink back for half of a repeat yesterday, after knitting one half of the chart twice in a row. D'oh! As stated previously, I am being hard-headed and using my usual toe-up design instead of cuff-down, as per the instructions. The leaves therefore go up instead of down... I am cool with that.

Also, this is pretty snug on my feet. Quite snug, actually, and I have to be careful getting it around my heels. This makes me think that if I use this pattern for my Sockapaloooza socks (and popular opinion tells me I should), I wouldn't have to use size US0 needles after all. If they're snug on my feet, then they will be perfect on my sock pal's slightly smaller feet... right? And how about, for my sock pal, I be a good girl and knit cuff-down? With a picot cast-on, perhaps? And that darling star toe? Are we all squealing in delight yet?

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Kucki said...

The picot edge for the pal sounds lovely, squeal. But I like the toe up look. Squeal.