Thursday, December 08, 2005

Some presents for you:

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On the left, my Christmas table decoration, against a lovely background of brown cardboard shipping box (that's full of my Weasley yarn) and the slightly wilted Autumn table decoration. On the right, my big order of Kureyon-on-sale from Webs. I am going to knit those scarves where you work from two balls, and knit two rows with one and two rows with another. The long variegations each last for several of these bars, and the two balls each changing colors independently look reeeeally cool. I need this brainless, large-scale knitting. My three ongoing projects are 1) a lace sock, 2) the Trinket scarf, and 3) that darned Lara, whose sleeve decreases have to be calculated all over before I can proceed. But can I knit anything? No, I can't.

That Noro yarn looks, to me, like a sparkling golden patch in an otherwise joyless state of mind. But I can't touch it. God forbid Kat be left alone to do what is easy and pleasant and *productive*. No. She is a modern woman. She has to have a goddamn career, and spend her life being terrorized by nitwits into doing difficult and hateful things that have no value to anyone.

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