Friday, December 23, 2005

Made some progress on the sweater yesterday. Am now past the 2/3 marker; just have the lion's head left to knit. I am thoroughly ready for this to be over--the pattern is lumpy and bumpy where I haven't left long enough floats on the back (the lion chart is so complicated, I have to combine intarsia with stranded knitting), and the yarn is sooooo stiff... sigh. I am having more and more impure thoughts about Felted Tweed. If only it wasn't so expensive! I molested some of it at the yarn shop yesterday, and not only are the colors absolutely *lovely*--deep and alive, but well behaved at the same time--but it is sooooooft and niiiiiice. One thing that does concern me is that it looks more like a sportweight yarn than a DK; I'm afraid that even on size 5 needles the fabric would be quite open. I am a loose knitter, I guess. I am also concerned about being able to order colors from websites, based on the balls I saw in real life yesterday. The store had the herb-green color, but also a deep and lovely red and a deep and lovely brown. Both made my mouth water. But what color is the red? Rowan labels don't say and the color "Blaze," which looks most red on websites, is discontinued. Could it possibly be "Ginger"? Ginger looks orange, on computer screens. And the brown is, I think, "Treacle," but JimmyBeansWool has it called "Cocoa" while other websites say Cocoa is quite a pale brown. Question questions, so many questions. Obvious solution to ALL problems? Order two or three balls of differen colors from JimmyBeans. Then I can play with gauge and everything. *Then* I can commit the $90 to a sweater.

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