Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Kool-Aid Experiment

With Spring come two of my atavistic urges.
1. Buy as many plants as possible (and kill them)
2. Dye stuff

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Here is this year's crop of dyed stuff, so far. Two hanks of KnitPicks sock yarn. On the left, 1/4 Lemon-Lime, 1/4 Pink Lemonade, and 1/2 Cherry with one packet of Black Cherry for depth. On the right, 1/2 Cherry and 1/2 Tropical Punch, tied in the center to leave white spots.

I am really impressed by the depth of reds and greens. The pink lemonade, as you may be able to tell, produces rather a sickly shade of pink.


Erin said...

What's your experience been with Knitpicks dye-your-own sock yarn? I just ordered some, and I have 20 packets of kool-aid in the car! I love dying, and I love bright colors.

Janine said...

Buying and killing plants is one of my fortes.