Thursday, July 27, 2006

I am not a worker bee.

I don't do things well if I have been given too many instructions about how to do them. I don't do things well if I'm being judged while my work is in process. Calm down: yes of course I can work, I'm just saying that supervised work never reaches the dizzy glory that things I do absolutely on my own do.

I started this knitblog because, well frankly I wanted some attention. In order to attract some attention, I joined various web rings with various rules about posting: how often, about what, yada yada yada blah blah blah. I was inspired by the truly great knitbloggers: Amelia, Eunny, Yarn Harlot, WendyKnits, Yarnstorm. I thought that maybe I could create an equally wonderful blog.

Now you patch the two paragraphs together. Having instructions about what to do on my blog--however scanty and however lightly enforced--killed my enthusiasm for it. The fact is, I am just a knitter, not a Knitter with a capital K, and the knitting content of my life is not enough to sustain a blog. I do lots of other wonderful things that you don't hear about. I'm a smashing good cook. I garden. I bake. I decorate my house. I stitch together quilt tops. Sometimes I sew by hand, or do a spot of embroidering. But all of that content got a big NO NO! from the webrings, so I've kept it off here.

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Kitten said...

I'm not a regular ready but I just wanted to say: go you! I had a similar (although lesser) experience. I was blogging for other people and I wasn't sufficiently good at it to please myself at the same time.