Friday, June 09, 2006

Big Knitting News!

I finished a sock!

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How's that for a plateful of cabley Koigu goodness? Mmm! This sock is positively scrumptious, and yes, I am going to knit a second one. I will call these my Old China socks, in honor of Charles Lamb. I had planned to call them my Delft socks, but really... I'm just not into Dutch pottery.

Stats: Knit of Koigu on two circular 2.25mm/US1 needles. Wrapped short-row heels and toes. Cuff pattern taken from "Sensational Knitted Socks" by Charlene Schurch, consist of 3x3 cables flanked with purl, separated by three columns of seed stitch. An awful lot of switching between knit and purl? Yep. An awful lot of tight, tiny cables? Yep. Worth it? Definitely.

Sorry for the lack of updates--there just hasn't been anything to say. My other active project is that little girls' short-sleeved sweater, which is just tons of stockinette. I decided that I had better make my first attempt at setting-in sleeves with it, instead of with Empire, and consequently Empire is on hold.

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Sandra said...

Great work on that sock! Don't let Second Sock Syndron overtakes you! And that coloure reminds me of something icey and refreshing!