Sunday, March 26, 2006

Indecision with regards to my Sockapaloooza socks, which (alert the media!) I began to knit.

It has to do with the short-row heels. I am determined to do short row heels, because it's just what I do. Now. After lots of tears and bewilderment over wrapped short rows, I settled into a routine of yarn-over short rows, with which I am very comfortable. This produces a heel with a very smooth bend--it looks, really, like the rows of stitches just bend. On the inside however, it creates rather large loops of string. They are not loose loops, but they are long.

I was left with the impression that wrapped short rows were somehow better than YO short rows, so when Wendy miraculously began to knit socks again--just in time!--I asked her how to pick up and knit the wrapped short rows, and miraculously--just in time!--she responded with the first explanation I've ever heard that works. So, wrapped short rows I have done:

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And boy, am I worried. Look at those long stitches on the outside of the heel. Can this be right? If so, is it really better than YO short rows? If not, should I tear out the heel and do it in my old YO way? Here is how it breaks down:

For KEEPING the heel as it is:
1. This is how wrapped short rows look, apparently. Lots of people do wrapped short rows. So it must be okay.
2. Wendy (miraculously!) included a closeup picture of exactly the same piece of sock anatomy today, and it has the long stitches also: Wendy's long stitches. Wendy is a knitgoddess, so what she does must be okay.
3. It would be a major pain in the patootie to take this heel out and redo it. Notice the slanting stitch of the cuff? Yeah. That involves YOs and K2togs; those don't get back on the needle easy, lemme tell you.

For RIPPING out the heel and redoing it:
1. It would be done the way I'm used to having it done.
2. There wouldn't be these long stitches on the outside.

So, any comments?


Wendy said...

Yep, your short rows look like mine -- I have no problem with the long stitches on the outside!

Melissa said...

I don't know what to suggest, but it's looking good. I love the color!

Soggy Desert Rat said...

I like the look of the long stitches - adds to the socks' character. ;v)